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MC2-5IO WLAN-Client-Adapter

The family of MC-WLAN client adapters offers devices with an Ethernet interface (LAN clients) the option of wireless communication via an existing WLAN network. Client devices that communicate serially can be connected to a WLAN infrastructure via the serial interface of the MC adapters.
All the parameters required to establish the WLAN connection are managed in the MC-WLAN client adapters, so that the LAN client does not require any additional driver or configuration effort to use the WLAN network. The typical field of application for the MC adapters is the wide range of industrial WLAN applications in machine-to-machine communication. This also includes mobile installations such as on forklifts or driverless transport systems.


MC2 5IO Back1d



The MC2-5IO device is based on a standard MC2 WLAN client, which is extended by a board with 5 additional digital inputs and outputs. This extension enables the MC2 to perform IO functions controlled via WLAN or LAN
The inputs and outputs are electrically isolated. The signal states are indicated by LEDs.

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 Rueckwand 5IO


2 x 10/100/1000 MBit Auto MDI/MDIX


RS232, 300-460,8 KBit/s, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR
or RS485, RS422


1 x USB 2.0 for connecting printers or USB adapters with various other interfaces

Digitaler Eingang I1-I5


Digitaler Ausgang O1-O5

5 x Input with optocoupler
-30 - +5V --> State 0
+11 - 30V --> State 1

(Va + Vb) 19 - 30V
5 x Vab @ 0,5A

switched over optocoupler

5IO Schaltung1

Antenna connector


Power supply
V+ V-

10 – 60 VDC or 802.3af PoE over LAN port 1

Digital input IN+ IN-

1 x AUX - Input with optocoupler


<= 6W (3W typical) without O1-O5

temperature range





ca. 400g

Order code MC2-5IO-WK4-Sx-RSMA 
(x = C --> DIN rail clip   x = L --> mounting brackets)