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MC Downloads (MC1 & MC2 & MC4 & MC6)

On this page you can find the current firmware, configuration-software, datasheets and manuals for the MC WLAN adapters.

The firmware for this modas product includes software code developed by third parties under the GNU General Public License ("GPL") or GNU Lesser General Public License ("LGPL"). More information about the terms of use and how to access the GPL code and LGPL code used in this product can be found here:

Open Source Compliance Information

If you want to update the firmware of the MC devices to the current version, certain intermediate steps must be taken, depending on which firmware the MC device already has.
If these intermediate steps are not followed, the MC device may become defective and must then be sent in for repair.

In the following you see a picture with the necessary update steps, which must be accomplished depending upon the initial version of the firmware.

After loading a new firmware into a device, you must let this new firmware run for 2-3 minutes until you perform the next step.
In no case one should trigger a reset or disconnect the power supply during this time.

If you perform the updates with the MCConfig program, you should always use the current MCConfig program.

FirmwareUpdateStrategy 512







MC Firmware (for all MC Devices)          
newest firmware 2.14t 57 MB 10.04.2024 (includes 2.12x10+2.11p1)  
release notes       MC_ReleaseNotes_en_2_14t.pdf  
older firmware 2.12x 17 MB 29.11.2021  
former firmware 2.11p1 15MB Aug. 2018  
MCConfig 2,7 MB 24.11.2023  
MCConfig-Manual 2 MB 29.03.2023 MC_Config_2_0_3_5_en.pdf  
MC Manual 2.14p 5,2 MB 30.10.2023 MC-Manual_214p.pdf  
MC1-Datasheet 1.06 400 KB 04.09.2020 MC1-Datasheet_1_06.pdf  
MC2-Datasheet 1.07 400 KB 04.09.2020 MC2-Datasheet_1_07.pdf  
MC4-Datasheet 1.09 400 KB 04.09.2020 MC4-Datasheet_1_09.pdf  
MC6C-Datasheet  1.06 400 KB 04.09.2020 MC6C-Datasheet_1_06.pdf  
Declaration of Conformity          
MC1       MC1-CE_RED_2020_en.pdf  
MC2       MC2-CE_RED_2020_en.pdf  
MC4       MC4-CE_RED_2020_en.pdf  
MC6C       MC6C-CE_RED_2020_en.pdf