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Wireless connection of a device with a serial interface

Serial port to network connection

The MC wireless adapter can be used to connect a device with a serial interface via WLAN with an application that runs on a control computer.

The communication between the application and the device at the MC can be done via the following protocols:

  1. TCP (Client or Server)
  2. UDP
 MC1 Handbuch SerialClient1

Port to Port Connection

If the user want's to connect 2 devices via there serial interfaces it can be done with 2 MC. The serial data between the 2 serial interfaces can be exchanged via LAN or WLAN in a WLAN infrastructure or in Adhoc mode constellation.

The used protocol between the 2 serial devices should not have high real-time requirements.

MC1 Handbuch SerialClient Com2Com
 The MC can be used at the same time as a serial and an Ethernet client.