MC Downloads (MC1 & MC2 & MC4 & MC6)

On this page you can find the current firmware, configuration-software, datasheets and manuals for the MC1 & MC6 WLAN adapters.


Size Date File
MC Firmware (for all MC Devices)        
current 2.10s 15 MB 04.09.2017 MC_2_10s.bin
previous version 2.08a 14 MB 20.09.2016 MC_2_08a.bin
Release notes       MC_ReleaseNotes_en.pdf

The configuration files between versions less than or equal to 2.08a and greater than or equal to 2.09d are no longer compatible. With the new "Multi SSID" feature, the definition of the WLAN settings is different. When upgrading, the existing parameters are transferred to a new structure so that the WLAN connection continues to work. However, the WLAN profiles are lost when the firmware is downgraded. It is also recommended to perform a "default reset" after a downgrade. If the configuration of the MC devices has been saved in files, these files should be updated after a firmware upgrade.

MCConfig 2 MB  11.09.2017
MCConfig-Manual 2 MB 09.03.2015 MC_Config_2_0_1_18_eng.pdf
MC Manual 2.10i 4 MB 09.05.2017 MC-Manual_210i.pdf
MC1-Datasheet 1.03 400 KB 24.02.2017 MC1-Datasheet_1_03.pdf
MC2-Datasheet 1.04 400 KB 24.02.2017 MC2-Datasheet_1_04.pdf
MC4-Datasheet 1.05 400 KB 24.02.2017 MC4-Datasheet_1_05.pdf
MC6C-Datasheet  1.02 400 KB 15.06.2017 MC6C-Datasheet_1_02.pdf
Declaration of Conformity        
MC1       MC1-CE_RED_2017_en.pdf
MC2       MC2-CE_RED_2017_en.pdf
MC4       MC4-CE_RED_2017_en.pdf
MC6C       MC6C-CE_RED_2017_en.pdf